Basic information

Phantom is a relatively free unix based operating system with several extra features. Born in 1998, nowadays designed only for i386, suppossed to be small and easy to use. It's a good example of how not to write a new OS. Source codes are fully available.

This page provides Phantom 1.09d which is today (11.11.2003) a bit old as it's almost two years untouched. Phantom 1.10d is differs a lot from 1.09d and its name is kept for historical and nostalgic reasons.

Written by Ondra Havel. "d" stands for time-to-time development (approx. only week per year now). Due to actual lack of time the "development" slowed down significantly.

List of most possitive features folows.

For successfull make you need NASM (Netwide ASseMbler).

If you would like to see Phantom in action I'd recommend you Bochs the i386 emulator.